”Bengali News Portal in Kolkata”: Launched by Kolkata primarily based professionals, ”www.channelhindustan.com” may be a 24×7 India news portal that aims to be your one-stop destination for any news on and from India.

Bengali News Live is that the news organization arm of the Bengali news portal in Kolkata The wire service is at the core of the portal. ”Channel Hindustan” may be a full-fledged wire service line to many vital publications within the print and digital media reception and abroad manufacturing over 2000 stories a month.

While ”Bengali News Portal in Kolkata”  may be a news portal that covers everything happening in India around the clock, it’s battery-powered by  ”Channel Hindustan” that covers every kind of news- from Breaking News, diversion and Sports to Opinion, Music, Travel, Business, Leisure, Education, Gender, Human Rights, Development, atmosphere, Economy et al.
new portals- simply Earth News ( and Not in city , centering on ”Channel Hindustan” news and Bengali News Live severally.